Mulch Scan
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Single closeup shot of the area I was scanning

I've decided to try something new and start learning photo scanning. I've dabbled for a while but never really posted anything. After getting a licence to Artomatix I decided to give one of my earliest scans a run through.

Generally my workflow as follows:
- Process through RC (However I'm looking at other solutions, too)
- Marmoset Toolbag for Baking (Height, Normal, Bent Normal, AO and Diffuse)
- Colour Correction/AO Cancellation in Substance Designer
- Running this through Artomatix to mask out anything that would make tiling to obvious, AI Seam removal and roughness generation from diffuse

This ground in particular was shot after a bit of rainfall, the overall ground was actually quite damp in areas. I chose to use this to attempt to mask out darker/muddier areas to see what Artomatix is capable of.

In the future I'll be bumping up the settings more in RC, currently things came out a bit too soft, and this is very obvious in my renders. Hope you like it! More to come