Aquaman - Model/Texture VFX Work (2018)
James lucas 1

Texturing of teeny boats

James lucas 2

Model/Texture of various buildings, roof tiles and set dressings.

James lucas 4

Cobblestone flooring in Substance Designer

James lucas 3

Roof replacement

James lucas 6

Roof tiles, various buildings

James lucas 5

More roof tiles, buildings and set dressings.

James lucas 7

Various buildings, awnings, set dressings.

James lucas 10

Various buildings, set dressings.

James lucas 8

Debris model/texture

James lucas 9

Debris model/texture

James lucas 11

Cafe CG replacement model/texture

James lucas 12

Cafe CG replacement model/texture

James lucas 13

Ocean rocks model/texture

Here is the rooftop scene I had the pleasure of working on at Method Studios Melbourne with many other talented artists. Head of Department Sam Jensen, led by Ray Leung, and with huge contributions from Andi Edirisinghe, Steph Prior, and Stephen Clark and many others.

My role during this project was a Junior in Model/Texturing, with most texturing done within Substance and extreme closeups helped with Mari. Houdini used for scatters of various set dressings.

Shoutout to the layout/environment teams for putting this all together!