JBools - Boolean Tools for Maya and 3DS Max

JBools Autodesk Maya - Release Trailer

JBools 3DS Max - Release Trailer

Maya Gumroad link: https://gum.co/CdHDx
3DS Max Gumroad Link: https://gumroad.com/l/stzX
JBools is an Autodesk Maya & 3DS Max plugin allowing you to streamline the process of your boolean workflow.

No clean-up required as this plugin ensures your scene is kept tidy and free from empty groups and a large history stack.

Plugin features include:

- Boolean Tools - Edit your Booleans on the fly before committing.
- Rotate and Mirror tools - Incremental rotations, easy mirrors and instanced mirroring!
- Export options - Instantly export into Zbrush for further modelling or sculpting.

Soundtrack by the very talented Eric Matyas of http://soundimage.org/

Edit: This has been discontinued and is no longer available.