2018 and things to come

General / 29 December 2017

Hey folks!

So blogs are finally here for ArtStation Pro members, we're going to see a lot of outstanding content around here, and I think this is a really great step for the community. There's already a ton of talented artists with plans to make 2018 one of the best years yet, so it's something to really look forward to!

That being said, I'd like to make a quick post outlining my plans for the new year, and where I'm at currently in life, in my career and what you can expect from me. TL;DR at the bottom.

First off, I just got a new job working at Iloura in Melbourne! I'm both excited and nervous about this new position - but really looking forward to the experience, and absorbing everything I can while I'm there.

So what can you expect from me in 2018? The plan with these blogs is going to be to share WIPs, breakdowns and tip/tricks that I come across throughout the year - I feel this is going to be the general content for a lot of ArtStation blogs, but the more the merrier right? ....right? I'm open for suggestions though, so if there's anything specific you'd like to see, please - let me know.

Something else I've been contemplating doing for quite a while are tutorials. I've had many requests throughout 2017, so I think it's time to bite the bullet and get 'er done. The plan so far is to do small, quick YouTube videos on different techniques/tips/tricks, and maybe even take requests if people have any questions.

Not quite sure about paid/larger tutorials just yet, as there's plenty of really good artists doing that already, and I'd rather them get support to keep doing what they do, as the quality is going to be x100 better than what I'd end up producing, no doubt - but who knows! It's an option, but it's not a priority.

Which brings me to the final thing for 2018 - self improvement! I've got a lot to learn, and I plan on really knuckling down in my free time. This includes taking various mentorships too.

So that's it! I'm really looking forward to the year ahead and what it's going to bring!

TL;DR - New Job, new state, tips/tricks/WIP blog, small informative videos on YouTube, self improvement.